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William Grove 5 Nov 1818 - 23 Sep 1870

Evidence confidence: Definitive - Birth day and month given in Journal as well as  LDS C009912 497352:Christened at Weston under Lizard, Stafford England 3 Jan 1819

William was the only child of John and Penelope who married. We can not confirm at this time that Fanny Olive Grove was his cousin since we know very little about John James Grove. Thomas Grove may not have been a direct relation to John James.

    William is often listed in ship manifests as a Merchant although we're not sure exactly what he bought or sold. He traveled between Cuba, New York, and Halifax quite a bit. William was a resident of Halifax and Cienfuegos, Cuba at the time of his marriage. Also, in 1847 William and James sold some of the land they had previously purchased in Nova Scotia (see indenture under James), referencing both brothers as residing in Halifax at that time.

On 21 October 1859 arriving at Boston aboard the Europa from Liverpool were listed the following:

Name                     Age      Sex          Occupation            Country origin              Country want to become citizen       Part of vessel
Mr. William Grove   35        M            Merchant               Nova Scotia                 Nova Scotia                                   Cabin
Mrs.        do(ditto)  33         F              ---                         "                                 "                                                  "
Mr. F. Allison         26         M            Merchant                "                                  "                                                "
Mr. James Grove    29          "                "                         "                                  "                                                 "

 William and Olive married on 2 Jul 1859. William was 40 years of age and Olive was only 19. Evidence confidence: Definitive - The text of the announcement was:

MARRIAGES. At Tenbury, July 2nd, by the Rev. John Churton, vicar, assisted by the Rev. Caleb Whiteford, rector, of Whitton, Wm. Grove, Esq., of Halifax, N.S, and Cienfuegos, Cuba, eldest son of the late Mr. John James Grove, of Weston-under-Lizzard, Staffordshire, to Fanny Olive, only daughter of Mr. Thomas Grove, of Tenbury, Worcestershire.

 Halifax Directory Listing:

1870-71   Pg 147 Grove, William, Book keepr, bds 97 Hollis

The Morning Chronicle, dated Sept 23rd 1870;

On Wednesday evening, Sept 21st, William Grove Esq., Late of Cienfuegos, Cuba. The funeral will take place this friday afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the residence of his sisters, 97 Hollis Street.

The cemetery records has the date of burial (same day as the newspaper article was printed) as 23-9-1870. The cause of death was listed as heart disease.

 Following his death, Olive returned to England with three of their five children. Their son Frederick William, and daughter Elizabeth Penelope (Lily) were left behind in Canada with their Aunts. (Arthur, Mary Francis, and William Henry returned to England).

Exerpts from the unknown author's Journal referring to William:

"July" (1859)

News has come of W's marriage the first and last event of the kind in our family, The Steamer has also brought news of the confirmation of peace between, England, France, and Russia. I do not think that the English like the idea of peace being concluded so soon. We had a violent thunderstorm on the twenty seventh.
November 1859
Arrived at the Pierrepont House 24th Thanksgiving day.
We all went to Trinity in the morning. 25 Evacuation day, that is the day on which the British evacuated the City of New York.
Three years ago William and Allison came to New York, and three years ago from next sunday they ... from this City for Havana in the Black Warrior.
Tomorrow they sign their contract of Partnership.
"Loss of the Indian"
News came of the loss of the steamer Indian and of 27 lives. She ran on the rocks on the coast of Nova Scotia near to Gysbourough.

~ July ~ (1861)

2, I saw the Comet for the first time tonight. It was very large and bright.
8th William Fanny nurse and the baby started on their journey towards Halifax today via Fall River.

Thurs 30 Jan 1862: Drisling - 38 Degrees, William sailed to C... in the Columbia.
Weds 2 April 1862 7 a.m. - 42 Degrees, Cloudy - William went to Cuba.
Thursday 6 November 1862: Allison (William's partner) went to Boston on his way to England via Halifax. 44 Degrees, Cloudy.
Saturday 28 March 1863: William went to Cuba in the British Queen. 42 Degrees, Cloudy.

Augst: William Fanny the Children the Nurse and myself spent about a month in Brandon, Vermont (say from the middle of July to the end of Aug).
Birth days
W's on the 5th of November
F's (Olive's) on the 28th of Feb.
F. Allison's (William's partner) 1st May.
Elizabeth Penelope Grove, 30 July 60
William Henry 24 October 61
Frederick W. Grove, 25th ? 65
Mary Francis, 20th December ?


Elizabeth Penelope   Anne     Helen     Penelope Elizabeth     James    Edmund


Elizabeth Penelope (Lily) GROVE
30 Jul 1860 - 1900?

William Henry GROVE
24 Oct 1861 --??

Frederick William GROVE
25 Feb 1865 - 1953

Frances (Daisy) Mary GROVE
20 Dec 1867 -- ??



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