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 William Seager

Mary (FLEWETT)??

11 Jun 1752??

Saint Mary, Enville, Stafford 

Martha Seager c:04 Aug 1753  

Francis Smith m. Martha Seager on 03 Feb 1778, in Halesowen, Worcester, England.Evidence confidence: Confident - IGI Batch M013761 and her father's will refers to Martha and her husband Francis Smith.

LDS lists the children all christened in Dodderhill, Worcester. Evidence confidence: Confident - IGI Batch P018081. Parents Martha & Francis - Middle name of third-born child confirms connection to SEAGER name as well as William Seager's will.

  Martha was christened in Kingswinford 04 Aug 1753. Evidence confidence: Fairly Confident - IGI Batch C053732 contains numerous children whose parents were a William Seager and Mary; however, William's will confirms that only 3 daughters were alive when he wrote the will. One of the Mary's was probably a HURST due to one of the children's middle name. It is unlikely that the HURST line is the right Mary for this family and too difficult to confirm whether any of the other children christened in the 1750-1760's were siblings that didn't survive to be included in William's will.


Susanna (Wheeley) C: 03 Apr 1757     Elizabeth (Adams)  c:12 Jul 1761


C:13 Nov 1779
C:10 Oct 1780
William Seager
C:19 Aug 1781 - 26 Aug 1781
C:07 Mar 1784
C:18 Apr 1785

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