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Unknown Author - Journal 1857-1866 

A journal, written in New York during the above time frame was written by a member of the Grove family - although we can't tell which one. Since William and Penelope are mentioned in the journal as being seen by the author, we have at least excluded them. Additionally, since the journal was written when it was Anne could not be the author since she was busy in Halifax with her school. This leaves Elizabeth, Helen, or James as the prime suspects. The only census record I could find was for an Elizabeth Grove living in Kings County - Brooklyn 8th Ward in 1850 - making her the leading suspect.

There are some significant historical events casually covered in the journal. The order isn't always chronological, but the author did provide us with dates when entries were entered out of order. It appears to begin in 1858, while the third entry is for 1857.

Unfortunately, nobody has been able to locate the original journal for several years now and only a sampling of the pages were ever photocopied. The text that follows is all the available transcriptions we can provide from the existing photocopies.


Halifax, July, came from the West Indies, one man died on the passage of yellow fever
the stren steamer City of Baltimore came in the other day to be repaired.

August 1st news came that they had landed the Atlantic Cable on the shores of Newfoundland.

19th The Roman Catholic Bishop died, and had they said the largest funeral that was ever seen in Halifax. the Government tried to carry matters with a high hand, they ordered all the Public offices to be shut and had the flag on the top of Government house half mast, this order created so much excitement amongst the protestants that it was countermanded.


The following were the various ages of the different Sovereigns of Europe on the 1st of Jan of the present year, 1857.

King of Wurtemburg 76. King of the Belgians 67. The pope 65. King of Prussia 62. King of Sweden 58. King of Saxony 57. Emperor of the French 49. King of Denmark 49. King of the two Sicilies 47. King of Bavia 46 King of Greece 42 King of the Netherlands 40. Emperor of Russia 39 Queen of Great Britain 38. King of Hanover 38. King of Sardinia 37. The Sultan of Turkey 34 Emperor of Austria 32. Queen of Spain 27. and the King of Portugal 20.


The New Ministry,

The first Lord of the Treasury, Lord Derby,
Chancellor of the Exchequer and leader of the House of commons Disraeli
   Lord Chancellor, Lord Woodstock
                           Sir F. Thesiger
Lord President, Marquis of Salisbury,
Lord Privy Seat, Earl of Hardwick

June, 16th 1859

Mr. Bullock was formaly installed as rector of St. Luke's today.


          Brooklyn Jan 1st. 1860.

Sunday night. It was quite cold today. This morning I went to Trinity Church. In the afternoon I took a walk and at night we all went to St. Johns.

The sleighs have been flying about Brooklyn for the first time this winter.

2nd Monday. I went in Morning to Church, and in the afternoon to Mrs. S(hc | w)ohl's, then to Mrs. Kluighists in Twenty first street, and lastly to Mrs. Ker's at Staten Island.  13th On tuesday Allison and myself ent to hear Dr. Scudder lecture on India. He is going to give a course of Lectures in Dr. Beechers Church.
The Church will hold I am informed between five and six thousand persons.   Dr. Scudder's lectures were very amusing and well attended the Church being quite full, he took every ocasion to praise Victoria and when he did the audience applauded.
His description of some of the Ancient Temples was very good. There are five casts in India, all descended from their cheif God, the highest Cast from the head, the next from the Chest, the third from the loins and the fifth from the feet.

They all believe in the transmigration of the Soul, and Brahmin who kills a cow is supposed to suffer as many deaths as the Cow has hairs on its body.  They have three millions of Goods and Godeses.
No Bhm. is allowed to marry a woman that has to little or too much hair nor any woman that has none at all. And after he is married he must not

He also said that a man could live on 50 cents a month or at the rate of six Dollars per annum.

Lola Montez

 I also went this month to hear Lola Montez lecture on fashion at the Brooklyn Atheneum. She had a full house. Her lecture was amusing and caused the people to laugh a great deal. According to her account the space that ladies take up with their dresses is nothing to what it was in ancient times. She is rather nice looking being of medium size, and a nice shaped figure. She does not look like a character that could take a whip in her hands and apply it to some man's shoulders, yet I believe she has done such a thing.

"Oxford Street"
~ February, 1860 ~

I came to sleep here for the first, last tuesday the 7th. Had some letters from home in which they mention having had the thermometer down to 14 degrees below zero. We have not had any weather anything to approach to that for coldness.


News has come that the Conservatives, (in N.S) are out of power and the Liberals in.


A Telegraphic dispatch has come of the total shipwreck of the Hungarian and all hands. She was lost on Cape Sable Island near to Barrington Nova Scotia. One of the same line called the Indian was wrecked not long since on the same coast, and a number of lives lost.



By the last steamer news came that the English had met with a defeat in China, and by a telegram this morning the 4th, news has come that the English and French are each going to send twelve thousand men to that Country.


In this month occurred one of the largest fires that ever happened in Halifax. Two entire Blocks extending from Water Street to Argyle Street with the exception of Esson's Premises were consumed. A city election took place the other day and Caldwell was elected Mayor.


A general election took place in May of this year. War has commenced between Austria and France.  There has been severe frosts in most parts of the States which has injured the flourishing condition of the crops greatly. We have had a great deal of rain and fog this month.


News has come of W's marriage the first and last event of the kind in our family.

The Steamer has also brought news of the confirmation of peace between England France, and Russia. I do not think that the English like the idea of peace being concluded so soon.    We had a violent thunderstorm on the twenty seventh.

      November 1859

  Arrived at the Pierrepont House 24th. Thanksgiving day. We all went to Trinity in the morning.
25 Evacuation day, that is the day on which the British evacuated the City of New York.
Three years ago William and Allison came to New York, and three years ago from next sunday they ...ed from this City for Havana in the Black Warrior. to morrow they sign their contract of Partnership.

"Loss of the Indian"

News came of the loss of the steamer Indian and of 27 lives. She ran on the rocks on the coast of Nova Scotia near to Gysborough.

December 2nd

John Brown was executed.

[Scrap of paper with handwritten notes signed by Eben Meriam covering June 26/27; Note: A number of meteorological articles are available by searching the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on-line. His obituary was published in the same paper.] 

- 1860 -

 On Tuesday 26th, the temperature in the sun's rays was one hundred and one (101) degrees and in the shade 91 degrees. Wednesday 27th, in the sun's rays one hundred and one degrees, and in the shade 84. Brooklyn Heights - Wednesday June 27th, 3 P.M. E. Meriam


    October 20th. Came back from Boston. saw Penelope wave on board the Canada on Weds the 17th. came from Boston by way of Worcester, Springfield, Hartford, and New Haven.
I staid two days at Mrs Jacobs. and saw the Great Republican torch light procession which took place in the night of tuesday the 16th.

---[not sure where the beginning of this text is in the original journal, but it was never photocopied]--

(sol)dier combined; he is a tall finely formed man with Gray hair military side whiskers and moustache, a ... bold face and walks as erect as a flagstaff.

Lord Lyons the British minister at Washington is a gentleman of scharly refined appearance, and as a medium of communication between the Prince and the American people wins the admiration of all who approach him. Major Tidesdale and Captain Greg are fine dashing fellows of the high English type.                                                                                                               - 1860. Oct -

'Copied from the Tribune'
[Newspaper clipping attached to Journal] 

The Prince of Wales in New-York.

 We may well admit to-day a passing truce in the conflict of politics, and unite as Americans in recognizing the tribute paid our common country in the visit of the heir of England to the commercial metropolis of the great Empire of the West. It is indeed no slight or insignificant homage which is thus rendered by the future Sovereign of England to the justice of the cause in which our fathers contended against the crown which he inherits, as well as to the greatness which the Republic has achieved. However lightly some of our own fellow-countrymen may be inclined to estimate the institutions under which the thirteen colonies of Great Britain have developed into more than thirty sovereign States, it is plain that to them we owe a rank among the nations, and a name in the earth not altogether despicable in the eyes even of those who were once our enemies, and to whom every advance which we make in wealth, in importance and in power, brings a more vivid reminiscence of that elder union with themselves which was severed so long ago by their own suicidal hands.
  This national significance the visit of the Prince should have for us all, and it is doing him no discourtesy to press home this truth to-day. The Prince of Wales we call him, for it is but an idle affectation to veil under the diplomatic disguise of"Lord Renfrew"a royal reality which is transparent enough to delight the most superstitious believer in the inherent and irrepressible glory of princes. The alias, of the son of Victoria in America is only comparable to Sheridan's quizzical stage direction of the 'army' which 'enters incog'.
 The Baron of Renfrew may be on his travels in search of unpretending enjoyments and unostentatious instruction. It will doubtless become the Baron of Renfrew .. than the Prince of Wales to take his ... lunch in the magnificent pavilion erected"expressly for this occasion"in the ground.. our municipal Tiberius Gracchus, his Honor the Mayor. Nor can we object to the inspection of the"noblest view in the world,"from the most appropriately Gaelic locality of Washington Heights, by the same retiring members of the aristocracy of Scotland.
  But it is the Prince of Wales whose visit interests the people of New-York at large. It is the Prince of Wales who extends to us the cordial right hand of Old England, too long estranged from her proud and, perhaps at times, somewhat discomfortable cousin. It is the Prince of Wales whose hand we take in our turn, with the sincerity of a people to whom idle compliments are of small account, but for whom the genuine and intelligent good-will of their equals has the highest and, indeed, a not easily appreciable value. In their name we repeat with them their thousand-fold welcome to this young hope of Britain. His presence here awakens infinite memories for ourselves, which we would not willingly let pass without bidding them pause and yield their salutary lesson. But of all these memories, there is not one which truly wars in the least with the greetings which American hearts have prepared for him, or with the prayers which American Mps are ready to join with English in uttering, that all his days may be days of honor to himself and of happiness to the mighty nation of freemen whose chief he is training himself to become...


Nothing of any great importance has happened this month. Most of the Southern Ports are blockaded and there have been a good many skirmishes, but no great battles. The English Government has sent an additional number of men of war to the North American Station, and is going to send a number of troops and quantities of ammunition to the Provences.    The Great Eastern has been chartered by the Government to take out some troops and a number of horses etc to Canada, and the Golden Fleece and a number of other transports have been chartered to bring ammunitions and other war material to different points in North America. Prince Alfred has been travelling in Canada but very little display or show has been made anywhere according to the wishes of his mother no grand balls or anything of that nature have been given to him anywhere.

~ July ~

2, I saw the Comet for the first time tonight, It was very large and bright.
8th William Fanny Nurse and the baby started on their journey towards Halifax to day via Fall river.

 [Blurred photocopy of an article about the Great Eastern - to be reviewed



Wed 1 7 a.m. 28 (Degrees) New Year's day was a very ... and beautiful day. I ... but few visits only for ... and then went out to Central Park.
Thurs 2   Slidell and Mason embarked on the 1st Inst. on board the Rinaldo at Provincetown near to Cape (Snow) Cod. 11 (Degrees)
Fri 3 17
Sat 4 20
Sun 5 13
Mon 6 19
Tue 7 24
Wed 8 22  The Burnside expedition from which so much is expected has sailed...
Thur 9 35
Fri 10 38
Sat 11 31
Sun 12 38
Mon 13 34
Tue 14 21
Wed 15 Rain & Sleet 31
Thur 16 28
Fri 17 34
Sat 18 Foggy 34
Sun 19 Rainy 34
Mon 20 Do Do [Ditto, Ditto] 36
Tue 21 31
Wed 22 Snowed in the night Do [31 again] News has come that the Rinaldo arrived at Berr... on the 11th.
Thur 23"[Snowed again] 32
Fri 24 31
Sat 25 Hailed in the night, has rained most of the day 34
Sun 26 fine 31
Mon 27 Clear & windy 28
Tue 28"25
Wed 29 foggy 33
Thu 30 Drisling 38 William sailed to ....(suspect Cuba) in the Columbia
Fri 31 Cloudy, a find day 28

April 1862

Tue 1  7. a.m.  44 Cloudy
Wed 2              42 "           William went to Cuba...
Thur 3              44  fine
Fri   4              45 "
Sat   5              44 Cloudy
Sun  6              42 Clear
Mon 7              34   Do
Tue  8              35  Cloudy, snow
Wed 9              38 Cloudy
Thu 10             Do  Has been a sn...  [text obscured by newspaper article] ...ight
Fri 11              Do fine day 40          [text obscured by following article ] ...en to...

The Attack on Charleston
The Iron-Clads Repulsed.
The Land Forces Fighting 
Cincinatti, April 11. -- A special dispatch to the Gazette, from Nashville, gives the following intelligence. We have received late Southern papers which state that a terrible battle is progressing at Charleston. The Federal iron-clads have been repulsed and the land forces are fighting within sight of the city.
 The last news we have via Richmond, on the morning of the 9th, from Charleston, says, in substance:"All is quiet. The iron-clads are still within the bar. The Keokuk is sunk in sight, and articles from her have come ashore. The contrivance called the devil has also drifted ashore."The news via Nashville may, or may not be later, for the reader will observe, it is without

Sat 12              42  Do                     [text obscured by above article.]...he South claim a victory at Pitsburg Landing.
Sun 13             48 Do
Mon 14            Do Cloudy
Tue 15             50 Hazy
Wed 16            56                         News came yesterday of the surrender of Fort Pulaski
Thur 17           58
Fri  18             62 Good Friday        A fine day
Sat 19              60 fine                    The weeping willows and some of the other trees are becoming quite green.
Sun 20             48 Rainy
Mon 21            46 Cloudy
Tue 22             53 Clear
Wed 23            46 Do
Thur 24            40 Do
Fri 25               46"                     The City of N O [New Orleans] surrendered - particulars have not been received yet.
Sat 26               48"
Sun 27              52 Do
Mon 28             51 Cloudy
Tue 29              52 Do
Wed 30             51 Fine


Saturday    1       7 A.M.        52                                 Fine
Sunday      2                         58                                 "
Monday     3                         50
Tuesday     4 Seymour elect for Governor - Democrat    40     Election
Wednesday 5 x                      50
Thursday   6 Allison went to Boston on his way to England via Halifax  44  Cloudy
Friday        7                          35                                 Snow
Saturday     8                          Do                                Cloudy
Sunday       9 Lord Lyons came back in the Scotia     35  Snow
Monday     10                          42                                 Fine
Tuesday     11 News has come from Washington that McClellan has been removed 42   Do
Wednesday 12                         48                                 Rain. went ..
Thursday    13                         48
Friday         14                        42                                 Fine.
Saturday     15                         45
Sunday       16 Burnside has been appointed in McClellan's place    35        Cloudy
Monday      17                         42                                                         Do Do
Tuesday     18                          45                                                        Do Do
Wednesday 19                          50                                                        Rainy
Thursday    20                          58                                                        Do Do
Friday         21                          51                                                       Do Do
Saturday     22                          42                                                        Do Do
Sunday       23                          35                                                        Clear
Monday      24                          32                                                        Do Do
Tuesday      25                          37                                                       Do Do
Wednesday  26                          42                                                       "    "
Thursday     27 Thanksgiving Day 48                                                     "     "
Friday          28                         48
Saturday       29                         42                                                      Cloudy, Rain
Sunday         30                         38


Sunday        1 Ther at 7 1/2 a.m.   38                                                rain
Monday       2       "                     43                                               all fine
Tuesday      3        "                    38                                               Rain
Wednesday  4        "                    28                                              Cloudy
Thursday     5        "                   19                                               Clear
Friday         6        "                    32                                               Snowing
Saturday      7        "                   38                                                Cloudy
Sunday        8        "                   35                                                "snow on the ground
Monday       9       "                    33                                                Clear
Tuesday     10  Prince of Wales Married   35                                     Cloudy
Wednesday 11                             33                                               Snowing
Thursday    12                             25                                               Clear
Friday         13                             20                                               "  "
Saturday      14                             22                                               "  "Skating
Sunday        15                             20                                              "  "
Monday       16                              27                                              Cloudy
Tuesday       17                             Do                                              Clear
Wednesday   18                             38                                               Cloudy
Thursday      19                             28                                               Clear
Friday           20                            Do Do                                         Do Do
Saturday        21                            30                                               Cloudy
Sunday          22                            41                                               Clear
Monday         23                            45                                               Do Do
Tuesday        24                             45                                               Cloudy
Wednesday    25                             50                                               Rain
Thursday       26                             40                                               fine
Friday            27                            38                                               Do
Saturday         28 William went to Cuba in the British Queen    35
Sunday           29                            39
Monday          30                            35
Tuesday          31                            40                                              Snowing in the night



June 22nd Gold has gone up 230

Augst   William Fanny the Children the Nurse and myself spent about a month at Brandon Vermont (say from the middle of July to the same of August)

Sept 5th, McClellan has been nominated for President and Pendleton of Ohio as Vice President.

News has come of the taking Altanta Georgia and there has been great rejoicing on consequence. The old Confederate Steamer Georgia has also been taken sailing under the British flag.

December 1864

10th   The first snow storm of the season has commenced this morning. Gold was at 241 yesterday, it has been down at 218 within the last two months.

May 1865

We moved into this House 33 South Street, Great events have happened since we came here (Halifax) Lincoln has been murdered, All the Southern Generals of any note have surrendered an in fact most people consider the war over. Gold is down to 133 -  We have had very wet and disagreeable weather the last two or three weeks.  It is a thick fog now May the 10th

Christmas   A fine warm day thermometer at 10 am in the shade 40 has been as low as 6 below

26th 38

Wednesday 27th termometer has staid most of the day at about ... in the shade

Jan 1 66

On Sunday the 7th the thermometer ... 20 below 0

[A very strange entry indeed... first part of the 'letter' wasn't photocopied]

...offensive and destructive engine of war than has yet ever been contemplated by man. Such a discovery in the hands of such an ambitious man would go far to give him power over the whole world, while for an industrious man, or nation whose object was only the protection of its commerce, possessing such a means of restraint would go far to dispel any attempts that might be made against it.
Discovered to the world it might end all warfare for (such) who would be paid to encounter the moral effects of such an instrument themselves?
My engine will command a range of seven miles and on returning of the metal to the ground many yards around all life would be completely annihilated. In writing this letter I am not [actuated] by any desire of disposing of my discovery, but I want to erect in England one of my most powerful batteries at the expense of those who may voluntarily subscribe to its erection. With this object I will covenant to all subscribers the powerful effects of electricity under a new ~ method of application, but I may wish to reserve to myself the details of manipulation

Birth days

E's   on the 21st of April
A's   "   "   15th of August
H's   "  "   23rd of June
P's   "  "   23rd of December
W's  "  "   5th of November
F's   "   "   28th of Feb.
James""   8th of December
F. Allisons   8th of April (scratched out)... 1st May
Dear Mothers Oct 3rd  81
      Elizabeth Penelope Grove   30 July 60
      William Henry                   24 October 61
       Frederick W Grove           25 [feb] 63
       Mary Francis                   20 December


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